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SOS0116 Laken - Scissor domination in shiny spandex bodysuit

The stunning Laken stands on the Sisterhood of Sin mats running her hands along her thighs in a spandex bodysuit which shows off her ample curves as she beckons her plaything to join her on the mats.

One look tells you that this guy doesn’t stand a chance as Laken wraps those dancer legs around him and squeezes. Not even scissoring him full force his pathetic groans echo around the mats, as she smiles taking great delight in his useless squirming to try and escape.

Eventually she releases him before trapping in a variety of headscissors, bodyscissors, reverse headscissors and standing headscissors. Each time punishing him and forcing him to give her his verbal submission as he begs her to release him from between those amazing thighs.

You may even feel sorry for him, but how can you when this lucky guy is wrapped between Laken’s legs with that beautiful smile.

Eventually she releases him and stands on his pitiful form while she flexes and flashes that smile one last time.

Laken wears a spandex full bodysuit.

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