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SOS0097 Wife vs Mistress - Luna vs Scorpion

Two women, Scorpion and Luna are after the same man who is in love with both and can’t make up his mind. After a lot of discussion the two women have decided to take matters into their own hands, and meet privately to decide who will keep him.

They both know that he would like seeing them wrestling it out for him!

They are both attracted to each other, but unfortunately for now, they have to fight it out!.

The have agreed to meet in underwear, using only wrestling tactics with hair pulling, breast grabbing and choking until one gives.

Midway through they decide to oil up to finish the contest, the two women are evenly matched and as the combat continues and as they slip and slide over each other, their mutual attraction becomes more intense as does their breathing.

They are interlocked, and the body to body contact makes each other, obviously aroused, and by the end both are spent and continue to meet again as they are too evenly matched.

Scorpion wears a leopard print bra with black panties

Luna wears a lace black bra and panties.

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