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SOS0101 Interrogation - Anastaxia takes on Scorpion

A diamond courier (the ever beautiful Anastaxia) is ambushed by a rival agent (the ever dastardly Scorpion). At gunpoint she is forced to an abandoned apartment where Scorpion easily lifts a bound and gagged Anastaxia onto the bed.

She can only look on whilst Scorpion rifles through her bag looking for the diamonds, but all she finds is a passport and a flight ticket to Amsterdam. Scorpion tells her that she IS going to tell her where the diamonds are.

Whilst Anastaxia is bound and gagged Scorpion scissors, chokes and grapevines her until she extracts some information from her. Leaving Anastaxia alone to go and investigate, the blonde manages to escape her bonds, what follows is a cat and mouse battle featuring:

Wrestling, smothering, lesbian domination, kissing, bondage, duct taping

At the end one beautiful rival is left hogtied and gagged on a sofa, whilst her laughing rival taunts her.

Scorpion wears a black lycra catsuit with black boots

Anastaxia wears a black blazer, white blouse, black short skirt and black high heels before being stripped down to chocolate bra and panties. Later in the clips wearing a black lycra catsuit

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