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SOS0102 Mia Annabella scissors him - So beautiful but so deadly

Mia Annabella makes her Sisterhood debut as she takes on Bert. The visitor from Miami clearly isn’t impressed by Bert referring to him as a toy, Bert picks her up thinking to get the early advantage but she wraps her legs around his head squeezing and bringing him to his knees. She asks him if he is even trying as he taps very quickly.

Using his ponytail she traps him in a cruel standing headscissors, and Bert clearly in pain taps again. This sets the scene for a domination derby as Bert is destroyed by the curvaceous Mia.

Scissorholds are the preferred tool of his torture, but interspersed are camel clutches and boston crabs, and even a booty drop onto his poor tortured mid-section.

The ending is available with a victorious Mia Annabella standing with her foot on a spent and hurting Bert with the added humiliation of being referred to as a poor little English boy.

Mia Annabella wears a see-through turquoise leopard print catsuit with white painted toenails

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