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SOS0103 Prisoner! Veve vs Scorpion

In this custom video, Scorpion is an agent captured by her rival Veve Lane. The story begins with Scorpion rifling through some drawers in an apartment where she is confronted by Veve.

The hard-bodied American binds and gags her British rival. Scorpion is hog-tied and has duct tape placed across her mouth. But the torture is only just beginning, she is belly punched and choked as Veve takes great delight in her torment.

At one point Scorpion manages to get free and the two rivals wrestle on the floor, but Veve is too strong and Scorpion is stripped to her underwear tied to a bed so Veve can choke, belly punch and smother her some more. Veve is obviously attracted to Scorpion, caressing her and kissing her. While she is distracted Scorpion strikes and the two women wrestle on the bed, their limbs intertwined.

Finally one woman is overwhelmed, bound and gagged as her rival prepares to ship her in a storage box to her final fate.

Scorpion wears a black lycra catsuit before being stripped to black bra and panties

Veve Lane wears a black lycra catsuit with thigh high black boots

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