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SOS0105 Kiana - Black Muscle Goddess - joins The Sisterhood

Followers of the Sisterhood of Sin do we have a treat for you. Black muscle goddess, Mistress Kiana recently contacted Scorpion as she wanted to enter the fetish wrestling scene. Take one look at Kiana and you will see why Scorpion agreed to train her.

Normally we don’t film this, but Kiana is such an exciting addition we did. In this video you will see Scorpion show Kiana how to scissor as well as introduce her to you.

Kiana has been a dominatrix for 9 years and is in phenomenal shape using a combination of circuit, weights and cycling. This training regime has given her what could now be the best quads in the UK wrestling scene and she uses these to great effect as Scorpion demonstrates to her how to apply effective and painful scissorholds.

Kiana tries out bodyscissors, headscissors and reverse scissors on a victim, and the camera shows you her amazing definition.

The excitement at finding this amazing new prospect is plain to see on Scorpion’s face.

Welcome Kiana to the Sisterhood and we look forward to seeing much more of this Black Muscle Goddess soon.

Scorpion wears a leopard print swimsuit and pantyhose

Kiana wears a black thong swimsuit with black pantyhose

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