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SOS0108 Judo Athletes meet again and take things further - Kali vs Scorpion

In SOS0087 Scorpion and Kali met on the mats in the Gi’s and things got very erotic, now they meet again for a rematch, and its gets even hotter and even more sexual.

They meet on the mat in their Gi’s and begin to fight, their bodies intertwined and locked together. But it soon descends into aggressive sexual combat as they kiss each other hard, the Gi top’s come off and hands reach into their Gi pants raking and stimulating.

The pants come off and they lock together legs intertwined, still rough kissing each other, grabbing breasts and grinding. Their breathing becomes heavy as they trib, neither wanting to be the first to climax.

This is the sexiest video SOS has ever released as the younger Kali and the older Scorpion engage in aggressive sexual combat, but who will win?

Scorpion begins in a white gi and then strips off to black bra and panties

Kali begins in a blue gi and then strips off to white bra and panties.

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