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SOS0110 Gym Rivals - Mia Annabella vs Scorpion

Mia Annabella and Scorpion have a had a disagreement at the gym and have decided to meet in private on the mats woman to woman to sort out their differences.

Both women have some dangerous muscle, coupled with dangerous curves. The Latina Mia may give up some difference in height but she’s still confident that she can take the British redhead. They engage in a series of strength contests to see who is the better woman.

They begin by first contesting in a series of standing competitions including finger locks and rib crushing bearhugs, lifting the other off of their feet.

It’s when it goes down to the mat that things begin to get interesting as they struggle, pressing their latex bodies close together squeezing and entangled, it is hard to know where Scorpion ends and Mia begins. Their legs are intertwined as they jockey for position, hands are wrapped around throats as each struggle to gain advantage against her opponent. Almost imperceptibly at first their breathing quickens, could it be that this physical woman to woman contest begun by dislike has turned into one of arousal.

They grind against each other, as their breathing quickens, but who is the better woman?

Scorpion wears a wet look black latex swimsuit

Mia Annabella wears a wet look black latex bra and thong

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