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SOS0111 Leather Athena - Scissor Domination

Athena summons a masked male slave to the mats. She is in great physical shape, with gorgeous lean muscular definition.

The British muscular MMA fighter is going to punish him like he’s never been punished before, from the first moment when she wraps her rock hard thighs around his head and applies a scissorhold his eyes tell the story.

She punishes him with standing headscissors, front and reverse headscissors and body scissors, this is punishment enough.

His balls are her next target as she punches, grabs, slaps and twists them making him howl in agony as she tortures his junk. He will learn that Athena is an unforgiving mistress, as she inflicts pain she talks to him making sure he understands exactly his place and what is going to happen to him.

Athena wears a black studded leather body harness with purple studded leather thigh straps.

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