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SOS0115 Shiny Pantyhose Scissor domination - Scorpion

A toned male challenger steps onto the Sisterhood of Sin mats to take on Scorpion. By the look on his face you see that this challenger is confident that he can take her.

Like all the brave (and not so brave) men before him he is going to find out that only one fate awaits them at the Sisterhood of Sin. From the moment Scorpion’s pantyhose clad legs wrap around him you tell from his facial expression that he is beginning to realise he is in trouble as those firm thighs wrap around him and squeeze.

Even at this point he cannot possibly fathom the rout which awaits him as he is forced to tap time and time again to a variety of headscissors, bodyscissors and triangles which he is subjected to. His face goes a particular shade of red when trapped in a standing headscissor as Scorpion crosses her feet and uses those muscular thighs to nearly squeeze his head off.

When the merciful end comes, he is sprawled on the mat, with her arse sat on his face while she flexes to the camera, another brave male challenger bites the dust.

Scorpion wears a black halter top, black panties, and flesh-toned pantyhose.

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