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SOS0118 Kassidy vs Ivy - The Club

Two new female warriors are joining the club ready to test each other woman vs woman. Never before have two such magnificent specimens squared off in a quest to prove who is the better woman. The first to fill in her application is the physically imposing tall black amazon, Kassidy whose powerful long legs have finished off many male and female opponent. The second warrior to fill in her application is the mean Brazilian curvy, muscular bombshell, Ivy.

This a battle for female superiority for the ages, two proud and powerful women warriors ready to battle at The Club.

The two start standing sizing each other in tests of strength including fingerlocks, standing arm wrestling, collar & elbow tie-up and standing bearhugs. You can see the muscles in the arms and legs of these two amazons as they jockey for position.

It's not long before the battle goes to ground first one proud wrestler then the other takes control as they scissor and squeeze each other a tangle of arms and legs, they groans echo around the Club. Beadlets of sweat begin to form on their contrasting skin tones, neither woman gives an inch to her foe.

The exertion is taking its toll now, neither one wants to be the loser in their Club debut. When the match ends both women are drenched in sweat, breathing hard on the mats.

Don't miss out on this battle for the ages between two incredibly popular and strong amazons.

Kassidy wears black sports bra and tight sports shorts

Ivy wears grey sports bra and pink thong

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