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SOS0119 Oil Pantyhose Scissor Fight - Athena vs Scorpion

Scorpion has caught Athena looking at her boyfriend and is none best pleased. The redhead is determined to show this upstart former MMA-fighter bitch the price for being a hussy…... in oil. No love is lost as Scorpion immediately pulls an unsuspecting Athena down to the oil soaked tarp and gets on top of her. She climbs on top of the hardbodied Athena's face so that all can be heard are her muffled screams as her nose is pulled in between Scorpion's powerful thighs.

Athena manages to escape by choking Scorpion with an oily pantyhose covered foot and the fight is off. These are two buff babes, and the oil accentuates their hardbodies and makes their pantyhose glisten.

They battle hard using those gym-worked legs to scissor the other woman, making their love rival groan in pain as they fight. When possible they sit on their opponents face for added humiliation as they fight and wrestle to prove who is the better woman.

There can be only one winner, as eventually one can take no more of being squeezed between her opponents oily thighs, and must face the indignity of being smothered by her rival's oily feet and facesat whilst her rival professes her superiority.

But will it be the redheaded BJJ queen, Scorpion or the chiseled and tanned ex-mma fighter, Athena?

Scorpion wears black bra and panties with sheer nude Platino pantyhose

Athena wears black bra and panties with sheer nude Platino pantyhose

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