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SOS0120 Long Legs of Doom - Amazon Venus joins The Sisterhood

Venus makes her Sisterhood of Sin debut, this tall Amazon has already decimated Scorpion in over at our sister site, SGR-Wrestling so we didn't hold up much hope for her male victim.

Venus has got to be a top contender for the longest legs on the UK scene and our male victim finds out why. This poor unsuspecting schmuch is destroyed as the killer legs are either wrapped around his body in an inescapable body scissors or crushing his neck in a headscissors. Venus even uses them to give her added torque on a camel clutch using her considerable height advantage to really crank back on that neck.

She stands on his back and tramples him, sits on his face and smothers him. A favoured tactic employed by the statuesque amazon is the standing headscissor as she squeezes those long powerful thighs together increasing the torque on his suffering neck.

Venus wears black bra and black with black pantyhose

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