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SOS0122 Kali - The Executrix Seduces...then Strikes

Kali has been making waves here at the Sisterhood of Sin using her sensuality and savagery to seduce and defeat a variety of female competitors including the mighty Scorpion. Now she plays a female assassin who has been hired to take out a male victim.

The foolish man thinks all his dreams have come through as the alluring and seductive Kali leads him to her bed, but he soons realises that this dream is going to be a nightmare.

Her strong thighs wrap around him as she slowly begins to squeeze his midsection. But that is just the start of this scissor seduction as she utilises a vast array of scissorholds to punish her victim.

Eventually she grows bored of her prey and whilst he lies on the bed she wraps her legs around his neck while she stands before delivering a final crack which leaves him sprawled on the bed as she runs her fingers over his still form.

Kali wears black bra and panties with black leather studded strapped bondage harness

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