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SOS0123 Smother Domination - Megan Jones & Scorpion in pantyhose

Scorpion takes on mega-hot Megan Jones in a smother domination match in pantyhose. At first the match is relatively even as each woman punishes her opponent with hand, foot and breast smothers which leave her challenger gasping for breath.

Both women are confident that they are superior woman, but eventually one rival starts to exert her dominance over the other.

And it's the buxom Megan Jones, whose assets are barely contained within her top who takes the dominant position over the redhead Scorpion. The visitor from across the Atlantic punishes the English wrestler with prolonged hand smothers making her eyes roll into her head, she uses her pantyhose clad feet placed over Scorpion’s mouth to limit her supply of oxygen.

There is little poor Scorpion can do as Megan Jones completely dominates the proud British warrior. Megan stands her up against the wall takes her back, wraps one pantyhose clad leg around her as Scorpion finally succumbs dropping gradually to the floor.

Megan celebrates her dominant victory by placing one foot over Scorpion’s face and flexing in a celebratory victory pose.

Megan Jones wears peach bra and panties with black pantyhose

Scorpion wears black bra and panties with tan shiny pantyhose

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