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SOS0124 Sativa - Scissor Domination - Mixed Wrestling

If you’ve ever purchased any of Sativa’s previous videos from us (see SOS0089) then you will already be aware that she has a deep sadistic streak. In fact Sativa likes to destroy her male opponents and this clip is no exception.

She takes great delight in humiliating and punishing her plaything as she uses her long muscled thighs to scissor him in head and body scissors whilst all he can do is splutter.

Sativa places her amazing ass on his face and facesits him, pushing her crotch over his mouth to make his breathing difficult.

She performs this display of dominance with a large grin on her face as she verbal humiliates and taunts her victim.

This is a display of pure feminine power as Sativa once again destroys and dominates her victim.

Sativa wears a silver lycra bra and panties and a winning smile.

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