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SOS0126 Wild Women - Rival wrestlers fight after training - Avenger vs Viper

Two rival wrestlers: The women fight on the same team but they have a long-standing rivalry. Their training sessions have been getting more and more intense as they refuse to concede a single point to each other.

Avenger Max and Viper Max have finished their wrestling training for the day but have decided to continue the fight woman to woman.

They are two powerful women of stark contrasts the lean, blonde Australian, Viper Max against the caramel-skinned curvy, muscular Avenger Max. This is a contest of determination and willpower as they are entangled on the mats, their bodies pressed against each other, their legs entangled.

They squeeze each other in powerful mutual bearhugs and scissorholds, even their feet are intertwined as each woman stubbornly refuses to concede to her rival.

As the battle continues they become slippery due to their sweat and their breathing begins to become more laboured but is it from physical exertion or pleasure?

This is a contest of proud, strong woman using all of their stamina and willpower to try and defeat their rival.

Viper wears red adidas wrestling singlet

Avenger wears black adidas wrestling singlet

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Aug 06, 2021

That harebrained camera man should have been fired!! 9 times out of 10 when they started squeezing with their arms around each other, he zoomed in on the feet😡!! Next video should be a reshoot with fewer foot shots, that'd be much better.

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