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SOS0127 Tickle Torture - Megan Jones is so cruel to Scorpion

Scorpion has hidden Megan Jones’ phone and the busty American is not happy about it. The super-hot Latina has hogtied Scorpion on the bed and is going to make her pay, not in pain but in tickle torture.

But Megan apart from being cruel is also fair, and has agreed that if Scorpion can survive 15 minutes of ticklish torment, then the Brit can turn the tables and tickle torture Megan.

Ms Jones is not just going to use her fingers, she’s brought a whole tickling tool kit. There is little Scorpion can do as Megan removes her heels and tickles her feet making Scorpion squirm as the ticklish torment begins. The redhead’s screaming laughter echoes around the bedroom as she is subjected to 15 minutes of pure tickle hell.

Megan removes Scorpion’s satin blouse as well as her own and ties her spreadeagled on the bed, using a hair brush to maximum ticklish effect as she runs it along the soles of Scorpion’s pantyhose covered feet, but is it enough to get Scorpion to give-up or will Scorpion take her turn in subjecting Megan to some revenge tickle punishment?

Scorpion initially wears a white satin blouse, leather mini skirt, tan pantyhose and black heels but is stripped down to turquoise bra and panties whilst the mini skirt is pushed up over her stomach and she retains the pantyhose.

Megan Jones initially wears a purple stain blouse, white mini skirt, tan pantyhose and dark blue heels. The blouse is removed to reveal a pink bra.

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