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SOS0131 Smother & Suffer - Blaze takes Scorpion

Dancer Blaze is stretching and flexing on the mats, showing her lithe dancer form to maximum effect. While she stretches showing her perfect feet and massive calves. As she exercises Scorpion prowls catlike onto the mats preparing to ambush her prey.

However, Blaze sense her presence and strikes first pinning Scorpion down and throwing her long strong legs around Scorpion in an effort to subdue her. The two athletes are body to body as they struggle each taking turns to be on top using their hands to smother, their feet to trap and their legs to squeeze as they writhe on each other.

Eventually Blaze manages to take Scorpion's back, wrapping her strong dancer legs around Scorpion's waist and clamps her hand over the redhead's mouth. With he strength sapped from the prolonged smothering there is little Scorpion can do as Blaze now completely dominates her, pinning in her in the splits and grinding against her further weakens her willpower.

Scorpion's body sucks in the air but she is finished as a final prolonged smothering kiss from Blaze spells her final doom.

Blaze wears dark red and black satin bra and panties

Scorpion wears a dark navy blue bra and panties

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