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SOS0133 Wild Women - Mother's Club - Inferno vs Scorpion

Scorpion and Inferno are mothers of students who attend a private school where they occasionally meet after challenging each other in order to wrestle and vent off tensions.

This is a secret they keep only to select few. It’s a private “fight club”.

They meet each other at a house they chose after their husbands and children have left and no one will bother them. The two women here are both experienced have tried it out before a few times (semi-competitive and erotic against other opponents.. ) and now as they are friends have agreed to wrestle in a slower than usual pace, with tests of strength, and lots of body to body contact to dominate the other. They want to release as much sexual tension as possible.

Scorpion enters the house and without saying anything locks the door behind her. Inferno is waiting for her wearing a kimono. Without saying a word the two redheads strip down to their bra and panties facing each other eye to eye.

They face each other almost nose to nose eyes piercing each other’s. As they are friends after a couple of minutes into this they start pushing their faces and noses against each other’s and after about a minute or so slowly bring their mouths together and kiss passionately. They touch each other’s crotch with their right hand and squeeze each other’s breast with the other as they kiss.

They quickly move their right leg forward and lock fingers over their heads will touching their faces and locking their right knees. They stay there almost motionless for a couple of minutes.

Then they slowly start feeling each other’s right foot. They then try some foot fighting and light sole slapping.

They then slowly change to a wrestler’s stance, with hands behind each other’s neck, slowly grappling (in a semi-competitive way,) foreheads touching

They end up embracing each other, and trying to bring each other down.

They fall down all wrapped up, thighs squeezing each other, feet trying to fight each other’s, and faces now coming together and touching more often. They move very slowly on the floor.

They don’t yell or moan, but just breathe hard, trying not to show any emotions to each other.. They do breathe harder though as the action gets more competitive

This is a erotic battle of wills between two wild alpha women.

Scorpion initially wears black vest, yoga pants and black flip flops, then quickly strips down to black bra and panties and purple pedicure

Inferno initially wears a silk kimono before revealing purple bra and panties and black pedicure

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