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SOS0134 Smother & Suffer - Kali takes Luna Toxxxic

There is no doubt that Kali is the apex sexual predator at the Sisterhood of Sin, no woman has yet stood before her and not succumbed to her. Newcomer Luna Toxxxic is the next brave gladiator to step onto the Sisterhood mats to try and unseat the Queen.

The two women size each other up on all fours like jungle cats, before the lock lips and at first it appears that Luna has already submitted to Kali as her back arches during a prolonged kissing duel. But she comes to her senses and scrambles away determined not to fall victim to Kali’s seduction so quickly.

They circle each other stood up, and Luna’s eyes betray the fear she is feeling inside that she is outclassed by this predatory vixen as Kali lifts her and takes her to the mats. Kali takes her back and Luna frantically claws trying to escape. Kali lets her escape seemingly enjoying toying with this new plaything.

Kali takes her to the mats again throwing her legs around like a snake’s coils and squeezing the very life from Luna.

Sweat drenches their bodies as Kali makes Luna her latest victim with snake bites, handsmothers and smothering kisses. Once again the apex sexual predator Kali devours another victim and leaves them on the mats destroyed physically, sexually and mentally.

Both women wear black bra and thongs

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