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SOS0135 Business Rivals - Wild Women - Raven Eve & Davina Carrington

A multinational company has sent two high flying female executives to a conference, for years they have battled it out in the boardroom, but a chance meeting in a lift sees Raven Eve and Davina Carrington decide to settle things woman to woman.

They meet up in Davina’s hotel room, put the “do not disturb” sign on the door, lock it and then lock fingers in a test of strength. They grunt and groan with the exertion as they jockey for position, foreheads pressed together, feeling the others breath, breasts pushed together and straddling each other’s thighs.

Neither woman is able to gain the advantage for long and they release each other’s sore fingers. They unbutton their blouses and remove their skirts, standing opposite each other in just their bra, panties, pantyhose and heels.

They begin a bearhug duel trying to squeeze the life out of their rival, and when that does not work frustration gets the better of them and they begin to pull each other’s hair, maul each other’s breasts and crotches.

They kick of their heels and take things to the bed where things begin to alternate between pleasure and pain as they claw breasts and crotches and rub thighs in between legs.

The friction of the pantyhose sends waves of pleasure as they engage in a trib battle which causes each woman to moan in pleasure as their bodies are tangled on the bed, hot wet kisses add to their excitement.

Which woman wins this business rival battle not only for bragging rights but for control of the boardroom.

Raven Eve initially wears a white blouse, black short skirt and black high heels. Then white bra and panties with shiny 40 Denier nude pantyhose

Davina Carrrington initially wears a black blouse, leopard print pencil skirt and leopard print patent highheels. Then black patterned bra and panties with black Platino cleancut 15 denier pantyhose

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