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SOS0136 Wife vs Mistress - Wild Women - Sadie Holmes & Lana Luxor

Sadie Holmes sits on the bed in a hotel room, Lana Luxor has been sleeping with her husband and she is here to confront her and settle it once and for all.

Lana enters the room to meet the wife of her latest conquest, and Sadie isn't happy when she notices that Lana is wearing some of her jewellery. The two proud women waste little time and it's on.

They lock fingers straining to overpower their rival, but neither one is able to gain an advantage. They strip down to their underwear and pantyhose to continue their battle.

Both women wrap their arms around each other in a mutual bearhug squeezing with all their might, slamming their pubis bones together making each other gasp.

Sadie throws her rival to the bed, and they are a mess of limbs as they wrap their arms and legs around each other scissoring, squeezing and choking their rival. The friction caused by their pantyhose and the close body to body contact makes their breathing start to change as both women become aroused.

Their struggle imperceptibly changes as they both becomes aroused as they trib each other through their pantyhose. Both women submit to the intense waves emanating from their crotches as waves of pleasure wash over them.

Who will win this battle of Wife vs Mistress? Or will they be too exhausted from this hot war for a winner to be declared?

Sadie Holmes begins by wearing a pink and black floral dress with shiny pantyhose and cream high heels before stripping to black and silver bra and panties and shiny pantyhose.

Lana Luxor begins by wearing a cream blouse with black pattern, black mini skirt, black shiny pantyhose with black high heels before stripping to shiny red bra and panties and shiny pantyhose.

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