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SOS0137 Smother & Suffer - Veve Lane & Scorpion get wild, angry and oily

Veve Lane and Scorpion are two proud and capable women who have met in similar smother matches before. Each time Scorpion has ended up smothered out at the hands of the smaller Veve, powerless before her relentless assault.

Now they meet again in an apartment for another rematch, but this time it is in oil, will this prove to be the advantage Scorpion needs to finally make Veve suffer by successfully smothering her.

There is an undeniable attraction as the two women lock up, they are wearing the skimpiest of clothing and every inch of their skin glistens from the oil.

Like their previous battles this is an even match up as they are entangled on the mats, as they scissor, smother and squeeze their rival.

Their clothing is unable to contain their dignity in the slippery oil, finally one woman succumbs to her rival as legs are locked around her squeezing all the air from her lungs as a prolonged hand smother shatters her will and she loses.

Will Scorpion finally be able to smother Veve to submission or once again will the smaller woman defeat her British rival?

Scorpion wears a black thong bikini

Veve Lane wears a pink patterned thong bikini

There are multiple wardrobe malfunction contained within this clip.

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