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SOS0141 Sativa vs Syren - Smother Domination

We welcome beautiful blonde, Syren to the Sisterhood, normally new recruits to the Sisterhood of Sin are fed some foolish male to destroy. Syren must have annoyed someone though as her first opponent is none other than the sadistic destroyer, Sativa.

Looking ever part the model, Syren is 5’6” and 58kgs, her opponent Sativa is 5’7” and 64kgs, from the start it’s obvious that Syren is in over her head as Scorpion informs them that it is a smothers match with the winner being the one who scores the most points.

To compound matters, Syren obviously thinks that this is going to be fun as she is giggling as they initially lock-up. This is the Sisterhood of Sin, not some giggly roll around company, as Syren is about to find out!

The smile soon disappears from her face as Sativa locks her up and hand smothers her to score the first point. Syren does manage to score a couple of points, but as the match wears on Sativa’s experience, technique and conditioning take hold as she scores points from the blonde with ease using hand smothers, breast smothers, facesitting and even a calf smother at one point.

Syren’s face gets redder and redder, and her eyes express her panic as her domination as she is Sativa’s plaything. This one was only ever going to go one way, and a flexing Sativa claims her win and her prize as she smother facesits Syren to an emphatic victory.

Syren wears a blue thong bikini

Sativa wears a neon green animal print thong bikini

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