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SOS0145 Wild Women - Judo Girls - Anastaxia & Sativa fight after training

Two dominant alpha women, Anastaxia and Sativa have been sparring at judo training, but as they grapple on the mats in their Gis their bodies entangled, the mood begins to change. The close body to body contact initiates something in each woman, and the training becomes a battle for dominance and will.

Their bodies entwined, the close proximity triggers something inside of them, every part of their anatomy is used as their feet, calves, crotches, breasts are struggling against the others. Their eyes are locked as they enter a physical and psychological contest.

They remove each others Gis as they continues to battle heightening their sensations as their breathing quickens. Their hips grind against each others, and groans of pain and lust echo around the mats.

Neither Anastaxia or Sativa wish to allow the other to be the dominant female in this long and protracted battle. Throughout it is difficult to know where one woman ends and the other begins so close is the body to body contact.

By the end each woman is spent as they, suck in deep lungs of air both completely drained, their gis scattered across the mats.

Anastaxia initially wears a blue Gi which once removed reveals black bra and panties

Sativa initially wears a white Gi which once removed reveals white bra and panties

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