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SOS0147 Oily Pantyhose Fight - Karly Salinas vs Davina Carrington

Jezebel, Karly Salinas has stolen Davina Carrington’s man, and confidently tells Davina that there is nothing she can do about it. The British posh totty, Davina is none too pleased and is going to put this young American upstart in her place and win her man back.

The two rivals agree to battle in oil with the winner getting the spoils (or in this case Davina’s man.)

They oil up making sure that no part of their body is missed, it makes their pantyhose glisten , and the two square off. They wrap their pantyhose legs around each other and punish the other woman’s ribs and neck with bodyscissors and headscissors.

They trash talk each other as they punish their opponent as they slip and slide around the mats. Eventually one combatant can take no more after taking more scissor punishment then she can endure. The winner not only claims the man, but also her victory by putting her oil covered ass on her opponents face in a facesitting seal on her dominance.

Karly Salinas wears leopard print bra and thong with tan pantyhose

Davina Carrington wears a zebra print bra and thong with nude pantyhose

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