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SOS0148 Wild Women - Yoga Girls Conflict - Blaze and Aralia

Lithe dancer Blaze is giving American visitor, Aralia a yoga lesson. Blaze demonstrates her famed flexibility by warming up by stretching her amazing figure. As Aralia joins her it becomes fairly apparent that Blaze is more flexible and she points this out.

Aralia is not best pleased and tells the Brit that although is not as flexible she is stronger. This is a challenge Blaze can’t back down from and the two square off in a test of female strength.

They lock hands and strain against each other, the two are evenly matched in power it seems. They compete in a series of woman to woman exchanges of power using long bearhugs before taking it to the ground a tangle of intertwined arms and legs.

They groan with the exertion and feeling their opponents strength as each is trapped in the other’s embrace. The groans are interspersed with moans of pleasure as each woman appreciates the others strength and sensuality.

Who will win this battle of wills and physical strength, the lithe cat-like dancer Blaze or the spunky and confident American visitor, Aralia?

Blaze wears a black lycra sports bra and leopard print lycra bottoms

Aralia wears a black lycra body

For more Blaze see:

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