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SOS0149 Wild Women - Office Rivals - Ava Austen and Davina Carrington

Go-getter, Ava Austen is sat at her desk working late, when her office rival the bitchy Davina Carrington enters. The two women are both vying for a promotion and their dislike for each other is intense.

The two exchange words and Ava comments on the inappropriateness of Davina’s blouse in the work environment. Ms Carrington decides to give Ava a closer look and unbuttons her blouse, before tearing Ava’s from her body.

It would appear that Davina as a proposal for the taller blonde, they fight and the winner gets the promotion. As the redhead wraps her arms around Ava and squeezes her in a bearhug, the blonde reciprocates and the battle for the promotion is on.

They test each other in a various trials of strength including standing arm wrestle, fingerlock and further bearhugs.

Imperceptibly the battles takes a more erotic turn as they forcibly kiss each other as they get aroused by the friction caused by their pantyhose rubbing against each other sending waves of pleasure through their feminine bodies.

In this sexual strength test who will win and gain the promotion?

Ava Austen wears a black and white patterned blouse, black leather mini skirt, Wolford Black Neon 40 Pantyhose and black suede extra high heels before stripping down to red lace bra and panties

Davina Carrington wears a white blouse, leopard print skirt, Platino Nude Clean Cut 15 Pantyhose and Shiny Leopard Print Heels before stripping down to metallic grey bra and panties.

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