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SOS0150 Dark and Intense - Kali takes Anastaxia

Kali and Anastaxia, two of the most dominant and popular members of the Sisterhood square off in this Dark and Intense encounter. Both are alpha femmes and experts in seduction, and neither likes to lose.

In this highly charged erotic encounter they use all of their skills to try and subdue the other, they slip and slide in the oil entangled, their bodies intertwined.

It’s a deadly ballet of pain and pleasure as they scissor, choke, smother, kiss and grind both desperate to gain the advantage.

For fans of our Dark and Intense series, this is the pairing you’ve been clamouring for and it doesn’t disappoint.

Kali is not the apex predator and champion of the Sisterhood of Sin for nothing as eventually even the dominant Anastaxia succumbs.

Don’t miss this one!

Kali wears black bra and thong

Anastaxia wears grey bra and thong

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