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SOS0152 Revenge - Veve Lane, Raven Eve & Scorpion

Veve Lane, Raven Eve and Scorpion star in this specially produced storyline custom video, it’s a simple story of double cross and lots of sexy women tied up!

In a hotel room somewhere in America, Raven Eve is bound, gagged and tied to a chair by the dastardly Veve Lane who has kidnapped her and is now demanding a ransom. There is a knock at the door and Scorpion arrives with the ransom.

The simple ransom exchange goes sour, as the three women take turns ganging up and double crossing each other.

They take every opportunity to gag and bind each other, and alliances are made and broken multiple times. They are forced to fight, kiss and appreciate each other’s bodies.

Eventually one woman takes control leaving the other two gagged with their hands tied behind their backs laying on the hotel room bed.

Veve Lane initially wears a black lycra catsuit and black high heels before being stripped down to a red lycra thong swimsuit

Raven Eve initially wears a fishnet catsuit with black latex corset and thigh high leather boots, before being stripped down to a sky blue thong bikini

Scorpion initially wears a full body black lycra catsuit with black high heeled leather boots before being stripped down to a black mesh bra and panties.

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