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SOS0154 Wild Women - Kali and Queen Beth fight after training

Kali has been training with American visitor Queen Beth, we join them at the end of their training session as Kali lays atop Queen Beth as they both grip each other’s Gi’s.

The two dominant women jockey for top position and it doesn’t take long for the intimate closeness and Kali’s sexual magnetism to transform the encounter from a training sessions to something more to her tastes.

As they struggle, limbs intertwined and each feeling the others hot breath, the GI jackets come off, these are closely followed by the GI trousers.

Now Kali is in her element, but finds that Queen Beth is equally comfortable as they scissors, choke, grip and bearhug the other in a erotic combat to see who is more dominant.

Their hips grind together, their moans become more intense as the hot body to body contact increases their arousal as they wrestle amidst their discarded GI’s.

Has Kali met her match? Or will the American visitor fall before the Apex Predator of the Sisterhood of Sin like all before her?

Kali initially wears a blue GI before being stripped down to black bra and panties

Queen Beth initially wears a white gi before being stripped down to neon pink lycra sports bra and grey cotton shorts.

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