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SOS0156 Kidnapped - Laken, Jade, Luna, Scorpion and Vesper

This is an epic feature-length custom storyline production featuring Laken, Jade, Luna, Scorpion and London.

It’s a tale of kidnap, betrayal, greed and lust shot in multiple locations and over an hour in length.

Our story begins with a crime lord’s girlfriend, Vesper (played by London) being protected by two bodyguards the powerhouse Luna and savvy bombshell, Laken. The petite blonde Vesper, is a target for his enemies who will try to extort money from him as his love for her is his one and only weakness.

Enter Jade, an opportunistic rival who will stop at nothing to kidnap Vesper and make herself some money. She surprises Laken and Luna, handcuff, gags and binds them and makes off with her prize.

The crime lord’s lieutenant, Scorpion, returns to the flat and is none too pleased at what she finds, she is even less pleased when she discovers that Jade is demanding £500,000 in uncut diamonds for Vesper’s safe return, and as Sherlock Holmes would say “The game is afoot!”

It begins a game of cat and mouse with the fate of Vesper and the diamonds at stake. Will Vesper be safely returned? Who will reclaim the diamonds?

When you purchase this clip you will see handcuffing, bondage, forced kissing, lesdom, female wrestling, smothering, choking and more as the five women all work to their own agendas.

Laken wears black lycra top and leggings with black ankle boots, red shiny pvc bra and panties

Luna wears white and black leather motorcycle jacket, grey speckled lycra sports bra, lycra leggings and black leather ankle boots

London wears black mesh lycra top, black bra, black leather leggings and black ankle boots, black wetlook lycra front zip swimsuit, black mesh bra and panties

Jade wears full length black lycra catsuit, with black suede boots, red lycra speedo swimsuit, scarlet bra and panties

Scorpion wears black strappy sports bra, black shiny latex leggings, and charcoal ankle boots, black strappy thong swimsuit

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