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SOS0160 Dark and Intense - Goddess Anat and Scorpion tangle

The Dark & Intense series are the hottest and sexiest of the Sisterhood of Sin releases, but this match-up featuring Scorpion and visiting American Goddess Anat is on a whole other level.

From the start this is a primal battle of arousal which the British redhead and the blonde American locked in combat.

The kisses are passionate, the smothering erotic, the trib vigorous as breasts are grabbed, bodies are caressed and moans are loud.

The two warriors are intertwined their strong legs wrapped around her rivals as the oil and lighting makes their skin glisten and shine.

Goddess Anat overpowers Scorpion at first making it clear that she is the alpha female, but Scorpion is a veteran of this style of combat and uses her feminine wiles and taut body to weaken the buff blonde. Goddess Anat’s will begins to waver as the waves of pleasure overpower her body, Scorpion notices how the American’s body arches in pleasure when she is choked and uses this achilles heel to her advantage.

The sexy Goddess Anat is taken by Scorpion and even though she resists to the end, she is physically, mentally and sexually dominated by redhead. And it looks like both enjoyed every single second.

Both women wear micro black thong lingerie

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