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SOS0162 Wild Women - Gym Buddies - Terra Mizu and Scorpion

American Terra Mizu has had a disagreement with a new annoying Brit who has started at the gym, rather than risk their membership at the gym being revoked, the two transatlantic rivals meet in a hotel room to settle their differences.

Still wearing their sweaty workout gear the two women check each other out before battling each other in a series of tests of strength including fingerlocks, bearhugs and armwrestling.

They take the battle to the bed their bodies intertwined as they use their entire bodies to prove who is the better woman at the gym.

As they squeeze each other in tight bearhugs, they scissor each other and even battle with their pedicured feet

Eventually one woman can take no more and concedes as she can take no more of her body being wracked with pain from the powerful bearhug she is being forced to endure.

Scorpion wears purple lycra Calvin Klein sports bra and panties

Terra Mizu wears a navy and black striped sports bra and black panties

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