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SOS0163 Megan Jones vs Jade - Wife vs Mistress - Wild Women

Demure English Rose Jade is very unhappy with her husband, she sits pensively on the sofa as she awaits the arrival of his slutty American mistress, the buxom Megan Jones.

The two women, both beautiful in contrasting ways, have agreed to battle to see who is the better woman and to see who will get the right to continue the relationship with Jade’s cheating husband.

They battle each other in various tests of strength both determined to prove which is the better female.

Finger locked tests of strength, mutual bearhugs, and mutual headscissors are all used to try and over power their rival. As the clothes are removed and the action is taken down to the sofa the battle begins to take a more intimate tone as breasts are squeezed, necks are choked and hips grind rhythmically the friction of their pantyhose creating warm feelings radiating throughout their body.

Who will win this battle, the English rose wife or the buxom American sex bomb or perhaps they will decide who needs a man and be happy with each other.

Megan Jones wears a black blouse, green skirt, black high heel ankle boots and black fishnet stirrup pantyhose and strips down to a black body

Jade wears a white blouse, black pencil skirt and strappy heels and strips down to black bra and panties. She wears high-shine Platino cleancut 15 denier pantyhose / tights throughout

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