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SOS0164 Orsi B vs Scorpion - Wild Women at the dojo

Scorpion welcomes a new trainee (the beautiful blonde Hungarian Orsi B) to the wrestling mat for some coaching. They begin by discussing Orsi B’s level of experience, but it would appear that she misleads Scorpion as she takes the redhead by surprise pinning her to the mats, and talking trash.

The two battle back and forth taking turns pinning each other down, they both begin to sweat and so strip off their leggings and tops and continue to wrestle in their underwear.

As they grapple across the mats it becomes obvious that there is a mutual attraction as each steals kisses on the lips and neck when they have their opponent trapped.

They begin to gyrate their hips rhythmically as their lust for each other takes control, they grind moaning as they kiss each other deeply as the training takes a decidedly different turn. Their bodies are completely intertwined as they use every part of their perfect feminine forms to try and dominate their opponent.

Eventually one succumbs as the advances of the other becomes too much and she is a sweaty satisfied form on the mats, while her opponent pants above her.

Orsi B wears wears a black Nike Vest and fishscale lycra yoga pants but is stripped to black bra and panties

Scorpion wears a patterned vest and mosaic lycra yoga pants but strips to a purple Calvin Klein sports bra and purple thong

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