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SOS0166 Goddess Anastaxia vs Scorpion - The HitWoman - Wild Women

Scorpion’s husband has had enough of her cheating on him with women, so he has hired professional wrestler, Goddess Anastaxia to teach her a lesson.

The glamorous blonde is sat on Scorpion’s bed waiting for her. They agree to test each other’s strength instead of fighting.

The two supremely sexy women engage in a series of tests of strength including fingerlock duel, bearhugs, and foot wrestling.

Before they take things to the bed where their bodies are interlocked as the contest of muscle and womanly wiles continues.

There bodies are interlocked as they grapple squeezing the air out of each others lungs with prolonged bearhugs and scissorholds. They pull each other’s hair and the pain starts to become interspersed with pleasure as the close body to body contact arouses each woman.

They are breast to breast and crotch to crotch as they use every part of their body to test the other woman. They writhe and grind as their moans become louder.

Does Scorpion seduce the Hitwoman, or does Goddess Anastaxia use her strength and power to dominate the redhead?

Goddess Anastaxia wears a black dress and black high heels before stripping down to black and pale pink bra and panties

Scorpion wears strappy black bra and panties

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