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SOS0167 Jungle Wars - Laken vs Scorpion

Here at the Sisterhood of Sin we are always innovating and looking for ways to please our loyal customers. We had a custom request using a green screen so we built one and produced this awesome clip!

Two proud warriors from different jungle tribes meet in the rainforest in a test of strength to prove who is the strongest, Representing the Jaguar tribe is the buxom Laken and her opponent representing the White Tiger tribe is the redhead Scorpion.

They lock-up in a rainforest clearing as the insects buzz around them and bird calls echo. Their guttural screams resonate as every muscle in their toned bodies are used in a prolonged series of finger locked tests of strength and rib crushing bearhugs.

One proud warrior begins to weaken and her rival senses it. A series of crushing bearhugs ravage one jungle queen’s beautiful form until she has little choice to acknowledge her abject defeat as the other one arm flexed in victory lets out a final guttural roar of victory.

Laken wears a jaguar print bikini with arm and leg ties

Scorpion wears a white tiger print bikini with arm and leg ties.

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