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SOS0168 Abigail's Debut - Executrix Strikes

Here at the Sisterhood of Sin we are always on the look out for hot new talent, and here we have another new recruit in Abigail. On the surface she is an angelic ballerina, but lurking underneath is that nasty sadistic side that we so love at the Sisterhood.

Abigail is an assassin. She has been on a date with Billy Michaels. We begin with them returning home after their date.

Abigail encourages Billy to get comfortable and says, jokingly, "I'm going to go change into

something more comfortable." Billy can’t believe his luck he believes he's hit the jackpot.

When Abigail re-enters she approaches him with seductive movements and gestures, embraces him as though she will kiss him, and then ... she knees him in his balls viciously. He falls to the ground,writhing in pain.

Looking down at him, she places he hands on her hips in dominating gesture and says, in

a posh, self-confident, somewhat narcissistic manner: "Please allow me to explain what is

going on. I'm a professional hitwoman, and I get paid very well for my services. I'm going to make sure that my client gets what she wants.

Abigail uses scissors, chokes, and other wrestling moves. She humiliates and seduces him by dancing around him. All the while,she verbally humiliates him. Abigail is supremely self-confident,while her victim is gradually reduced to a whimpering, quavering shell of a man.

In the end, once she is tired of playing with him. As he lies on the floor, she positions

herself behind him an takes his neck into a figure-four scissor.

After he has expired, she sits on his face, catching her breath, cooling down, enjoying her


Abigail wears black floral dress with electric blue high heels before changing into a sheer black leotard and black 15 denier shiny pantyhouse

Billy wears a white shirt, blue denim jeans, brown leather belt and black shoes

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