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SOS0170 Dark and Intense - Ivy takes Laken

This match-up HAD TO happen on the Dark and Intense set as two of our most popular ladies take each other on in the oil. Both Laken and Ivy are super hot with amazing figures.

The oil glistens in the light off of their thighs, calves, taunt stomachs and impressive cleavage, as they struggle breast to breast, crotch to crotch with their legs intertwined.

Ivy is clearly stronger trapping Laken in between her powerful thighs causing the dancer to arch and contort her body in pain. Ivy pins her down, chokes and smothers her, applying painful grapevines and stretching her wide, Laken’s expression of pain and frustration says it all.

She manages to fight back against the Brazilian, but Ivy is too powerful who takes great delight in punishing her victim, whilst there is an absence of sexual competition compared to previous Dark and Intense encounters, it is erotic nontheless due to the two combatants involved.

The end comes when Ivy traps Laken in a reverse body scissors and rear naked choke that signals the end for the British beauty. This is a test of strength and skill which Laken could not win.

Ivy wears purple bra and panties

Laken wears white bra and thong

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