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SOS0171 Wild Women - Kali and Scorpion - Wrestlers fight after training

When Scorpion and Kali step onto the wrestling mats things the temperature is guaranteed to rise. These two dominant women have just had a training session but once everyone else has left they decide to continue things in private.

The close body to body contact has aroused them both as the skin tight lycra has created a friction that has turned them both on. Their erect nipples can be seen beneath their singlets confirming their state of arousal.

The two wrestlers are breast to breast, crotch to crotch and lips to lips as they use all of their femine wiles in this strategic combat.

They bearhug, grapevine and kiss each other as each tries to exert their sexual dominance on the other.

As the leader of the Sisterhood, Scorpion and it’s apex predator, Kali battle they pull each other’s hair, choke, trib and use their feet to try and come out on top.

Eventually their passions become too great, and although Scorpion has Kali trapped in a hammerlock, they grind, the tight lycra creating a warm friction as they trib to completion.

Scorpion wears a black lycra wrestling singlet with bare feet

Kali wears a red lycra wrestling singlet with bare feet

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