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SOS0173 Wild Women - Ava Simone vs Sativa - Rivals at the dojo

Ava Simone makes an auspicious debut at the Sisterhood of Sin, she’s been sparring with Sativa but once their session is finished, the blonde toned newcomer has other ideas.

She is very attracted to her and pounces on Sativa so that their session can continue. But Ava is not going to have things all her own way, as both dominant Alpha females are determined to come out on top.

After a prolonged period of grappling for top position the Gi’s are removed and things really start heating up as these two want each other.

The grappling battle becomes a battle of seduction as they worship each other’s bodies, passionately kissing and licking each other’s sweat-covered bodies and arching their backs in pleasure.

Sativa uses the blue gi belt to restrain her horny opponent binding her hands and arms, but this doesn’t stop the blonde. Ava is hot for Sativa and keeps going back for more wrapping her legs around her.

This is a highly charged sexual encounter between two hot athletes, the atmosphere is electric and the chemistry between these two is undeniable, and we can only hope that we can get these two on screen together again.

Sativa wears a blue gi before being stripped down to white sports bra and ellese red thong

Ava wears a white gi before being stripped down to red Calvin Klein bra and thong

For more Sativa making her opponent hot see:

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