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SOS0174 Dark and Intense - Kali Returns to Take Blaze

Lithe dancer Blaze and her amazing calves has found herself being forced into the role of victim in the Sisterhood of Sin hierarchy, time and time again the more dominant Alpha femmes in the Sisterhood destroy her.

Blaze is determined to change this and has decided to topple the Apex Predator, Kali, the problem is that the last time they met in the Dark and Intense room (SOS0114), Kali owned her body and soul. The defeat was so bad that Blaze begged us not to include her name.

Blaze has some success early on as she takes Kali’s back and wraps her long, powerful dancer legs around her causing Kali to moan in pain.

But Kali is the seductive destroyer of men and women, and begins to exert her dominance, she writhes against Blaze distracting her, takes her back wraps her own powerful legs around and smothers Blaze.

The dancers moans and whimpers as Kali once again owns her, as she does all her opponents body and soul as Blaze once again succumbs to the Dark and Intense champion.

Kali wears black bra and thong

Blaze wears black bra and thong

For more of Blaze see:

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