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SOS0176 Smother and Suffer - Andrea Rosu vs Davina Carrington

It’s an intense battle of the redheads for the ages. Buxom Andrea Rosu takes on Davina Carrington in an apartment smother wrestling matches with the name of the game to make the other woman suffer where smothering is the primary weapon.

They circle each other on the mats with cat-like poise and it’s Ms Carrington who breaks the stalemate pouncing on the curvy Andrea and taking her back wrapping her legs around her and placing a hand over her mouth smothering her.

But whilst Davina has muscles, Andrea is naturally strong and breaks out of her grasp and mounts her. It doesn’t take long for Rosu to use her natural assets as she places her two enormous breasts straining against her micro bikini over Davina face cutting off her oxygen in a breast smother.

This war wages back and forth with each beautiful redhead making the other suffer, but eventually the repeated smothering takes its toll as one weakens. Her opponent wastes little time in cementing her victory repeatedly smothering her foe with chokes, hand smothers and even kisses as they are entangled on the mat.

Will it be the curvy Andrea Rosu or English Davina Carrington who makes the other endure Smother and Suffer?

Andrea Rosu wears a micro blue thong bikini

Davina Carrington wears a micro black thong bikini

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