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SOS0178 Smother and Suffer - Ava Simone takes Dee Williams

In our most erotic Smother & Suffer to date young hardbodied blonde Ava Simone and Milf Dee Williams are making out in bed in this super sensual electric encounter.

The two are in the throes of lust kissing each other deeply and passionately as their pantyhose clad legs are entangled. The two are both turned on and their moans let each other know that this is what they want.

They caress each other’s bodies accentuated by their outfits as their bodies arch in pleasure. Imperceptibly something changes as they begin to sensually dominate each other. At first it’s Dee who wraps her legs around Ava’s firm body and scissors her making the younger woman gasp in pain and pleasure.

Ava returns the favour wrapping her powerful thighs around Dee’s midsection, pulling at her costume, choking her and placing a hand over her mouth. Dee struggles, moans and gasps as she struggles for air, but Ava continues until Dee’s eyes roll back in her head and she lies motionless on the bed.

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Ava Simone wears a Halcyon Blue Black Lycra body and black pantyhose

Dee Williams wears a Halcyon Blue Black Lycra body and nude pantyhose

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