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SOS0179 Dark and Intense - Davina Carrington takes Orsi B

Beautiful Hungarian Orsi B tries her hand at a Dark and Intense encounter with the devious English redhead, Davina Carrington.

The two women sit up, intertwined as they spread the oil all over their toned bodies. Before the the experienced Orsi B pounces upon Davina, taking the top position. She pins the Brit down sliding completely entangled and scissoring her. Orsi B is smiling as she controls Davina and rubs her hands all over Davina’s oily body.

This is a super sensual encounter as the two women explore each others bodies completely entangled on the slippery surface. They scissor, smother and kiss, but it is only when Davina forces her fingers into Orsi B’s mouth that she takes control. The Hungarian seems to get super aroused by this and is putty in Davina’s hands.

She is now the redhead’s plaything and is collared in servitude, as Davina cements her dominance by owning the younger Eastern European beauty.

Orsi B wears black top and panties

Davina Carrington wears black mesh bra and thong

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