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SOS0181 Smother and Suffer Enchantress Sahrye takes Davina Carrington

Curvy beauty Enchantress Sayhre takes pale British Davina Carrington in the erotically charged Smother and Suffer encounter.

We start with the two women breast to breast, entangled on the bed in a passionate embrace, but the tenderness between these two sexy women doesn’t last long.

A hand over mouth smother from Davina begins a contest of who has the stronger will as they each try to smother the other.

As the encounter continues the younger woman saps the will from the British dame with prolonged hand over mouth smothers, breast smothers and chokes as well as weakening her resolve with kisses and by grinding against Davina crotch to crotch.

Visibly you can see Davina’s will drain as the Sahyre truly enchants her, dominates and takes her leaving Davina panting breathlessly on the bed.

Enchantress Sayre wears black bra and thong

Davina Carrington wears cross hatch black bra and black thong

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