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SOS0182 Wild Women - Room Mates - Laken Fire and Davina Carrington

Two room mates - Laken and Davina Carrington - are asleep in bed. As they slumber their pantyhose clad feet touch which sparks a foot battle for their side of the bed. Their perfect feet push against each other.

Eventually this subconscious battle stirs both beauties from their slumber, and as both have woken horny. Davina spoons Laken before they turn away from each other once more hands running over toned thighs beneath nylon, feet entangled.

Davina gets on top of Laken, and grinds against the stunning brunette through the pantyhose. Laken smiles seductively and the top begin to writhe and grind their legs entangled.

The pace of the tribbing quickens as each gets caught in the throes of passion, their breathing deepens and moans are elicited from their lips. The atmosphere is electric as the two room mates get caught up in this contest of wills and sexual attraction.

The pantyhose accentuates every curve and definition of their permananely intertwined leg like a coil of snakes.

This is definitely a clip for fans of pantyhose, legs and feet, as this is the ultimate in fan service for those of us with that particular fetish, the fact that it features such beauties as Laken and Davina Carrington only adds to the allure.

Laken wears a black and red bra and panties with shiny nude Falke Pure Shine 15 denier sheer to waist pantyhose

Davina Carrington wears a leopard print bra and panties with shiny nude Platino Cleancut 15 denier sheer to waist pantyhose

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