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SOS0183 Dark and Intense - Mistress Amrita takes Ms F.Rank

Two Sisterhood of Sin debutants feature in the latest installment of our incredibly popular Dark and Intense series. Two very contrasting women in appearance, experience and styles in Japanese legend, Mistress Amrita and young petite British blonde Ms F.Rank.

We begin with each woman oiling themselves slowly and sensually, and this sensuality carries over into the beginning of the encounter, as they explore each others bodies. Both women are obviously aroused by this new experience.

However, it was only a matter of time until Mistress Amrita’s dominant streak and Ms F.Rank’s submissive side would come into play, as the Japanese superstar starts to have her way with the younger blonde novice.

Amrita completely controls Ms F.Rank, using her body to subdue, tease and arouse. A first for the Dark and Intense is Amrita slamming her pubic bone into Ms F.Rank as if she was pounding her with a strap-on as the blonde moans in a mixture of pleasure of pain.

Mistress Amrita licks her, smothers, chokes, kisses and tribs showing the blonde novice who is the legend and who is the more dominant and who is in charge.

Just like every other Dark and Intense clip this is erotically charged and demonstrates clearly why this series is our most popular and most requested type of clip.

Mistress Amrita wears black bra and panties

Ms F.Rank wears a black bra and thong

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